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3D kitchen free download, 3d textures design Kitchen Alea

3D kitchen free download, 3d textures design Kitchen Alea

By Paolo Piva e CR&S Varenna

Alea is the result of pursue of renovated beauty: it is characterised by a modern, extremely essential style, with luminous and light shapes.

A rigorous design for a new project by Paolo Piva, featuring ’minimal’ formal characteristics. Alea series provides the highest possible operativeness by converting every practical unit into sheer design and essential forms.

The aesthetic concept is linked to the strong prominence of every composition and ever element, and which is, depending by the position, an edge, or a frame, or structure. Containers, work tops, wall or island operative parts become perfect geometries, enhancing the separate materials. This design follow and achieve the purpose to create a new concept for kitchen

Projetos realizados com 3D kitchen free download, 3d textures design Kitchen Alea

Casa SC Milano

Casa SC Milano Ristrutturazione con intervento di recupero abitativo di sottotetto villino Committente Privato Cronologia 2006-2007 Dati dimensionali 120 mq S.l.p. Progetto Emanuele Panzeri con: Emilio Caravatti


Loft SC Milano Progetto ristrutturazione di ex laboratorio industriale e arredo Committente Privato Cronologia 2005-2006 Dati dimensionali 250 mq S.l.p. Progetto Emanuele Panzeri

Alea Kitchen - Varenna

This is a 3D Imitation of the original photos taken for Alea Kitchen - Varenna, with some changes done to it.

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