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download radiators. C-Prolux - Superfloor by Brem.

download radiators. C-Prolux - Superfloor by Brem.

Brem’s C-Prolux model radiators are extremely low to the ground. The radiator has a stylish design and a flat front, which helps it blend into its surroundings. The C-Prolux model radiator is very versatile and a great choice for small low-lying spaces and other spaces that require a low lying radiator, such as glass surfaces. It will fit in spaces up to 6 meters long and up to 305 mm in deep.

The radiator features impressive heat generation thanks to the fins that maximize heat output.

The C-Prolux Superfloor convector radiator is installed level with the floor, creating a radiator that you can walk on. It is a great solution for rooms with glazed walls as the hot air produced by the convector will rise and form a barrier against cold air. The Superfloor convector heater has a minimal design and is an ideal choice for many different settings where normal radiators may not work properly, including homes, showrooms, sport arenas.

The Superfloor radiator has a metal tray with separators for increased effectiveness and grating in black anodized aluminum. Custom finishes in gold, bronze, gunmetal grey, steel and wood are also available.

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