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Electroluminescent Materials

An excerpt of the final research course of nanotechnology and functional materials for design – Politecnico di Milano. By Marta Lavagnini, Sara Nikkar, Carlotta Sada, Francesca Turati. The research aims to deepen the phenomenology linked to the world of electroluminescence...
Lumious homepage

A new lamp that brings sunlight and good mood in our homes

The light bulb was invented about 135 years ago and, despite numerous technological innovations it had never changed the way it works. Not until today: the hi-tech company ‘LumiLabs‘ from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, launched the Lumious lamp that presents a new...

LED luminaire design

Many things have changed in only a few years and many more things will change in the near future starting from LEDs. Greater efficiently, better colour quality, increased luminous flux and lower costs are factors that will finally determine the success of...