Alchimag 728×90
Butterfly Pavilion alchimag

Butterfly Pavilion, an outer shell of golden aluminum biomorphic

In Noor Island, an Island about 2.4 hectares in the Centre of Sharjah, german study 3deluxe has designed and built a theme park with pavilions and buildings, TransMedia, tourist attraction among the most popular of the Middle East. The merit...
teiera di carta

Cecilia Levy, life to paper pages

Cecilia Levy is a Swedish artist with a path behind definitely interesting. Passion to a path that involves the use and reuse of paper to create special design objects.   His experiences prior to seeing engaged as a graphic designer...
New forms, facilitate technologies and recycled materials

New forms, facilitate technologies and recycled materials

Design by choosing alternative materials: the intervention at Made Expo by architect Alessandro Rogora, Dastu Department (architecture and urban studies) Professor in Politecnico di Milano, starts from here. Among the first to experience, as a student, with Gianni Shield who...