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Italian fashion carpets production

Italian fashion carpets production Sitap

Web site:

Company - Italian fashion carpets production

With the typical Italian style, the produzione tappeti SITAP craft and mechanics, to be at the service of the house and of the person who vive.Sono made ​​of acrylic, wool, polyester, bamboo, silk plant, polypropylene, leather, sisal and cotton. Sought, chosen each year.

Established in 1993 as a distributor of carpets selected from the best manufacturers in the world for major retail furniture and linens.

The value for money is very competitive and has a capacity of giving un'esteso and efficient produzione tappeti.

A 'wide range of models readily available in different sizes also custom is able to interpret the trends of today's day. These are the strengths that have enabled the company to win control quickly as a leader in the distribution and produzione tappeti of contemporary rugs.

Since then, the company attracts organizing, designing and manufacturing its models of carpets as an 'expression of creativity, imagination and "know how" to which Italy is appreciated in the world. In its structure have new ideas, sensibilities and skills to produzione tappeti.

Italian style and elegance in many cases, intended to settle in perfectly in homes around the globe, to continue to etusiasmare in time who selected them: definitely "italian fashion carpets."

Products - Italian fashion carpets production

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Italian fashion carpets production