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Lava Stone production

Lava Stone production Lenid

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Company - Lava Stone production

Le Nid is an artisan studio still keeping alive and reinterpreting the spirit of ancient art studios. A laboratory deeply involved in all the ancient local traditions having a strong link with the creativity of the inhabitants that have always looked for and found their own identity in the Etnean territory.
The factory is situated on the slopes of the Etna Mount, dipped in the green vegetation of citrus orchards and orange-blossom perfume. The outline of the volcano with the changing colours of its landscape is a unique setting.
The Etnean territory has always provided the raw materials that have contributed to create a precious local artistic heritage: lava stone from Etna mount and terracotta realized with the clays from the Simeto valley.
This land full of contrasts, its generous nature and its prestigious artisan tradition became the starting point for “Le Nid” studio to carry out research and experimentation. They are characterised by typical chromatic and decorative elements showing the influence of the Arab, Greek, Roman, Norman and Byzantine traditions. 
Tradition, myth, folklore and innovation are the key elements of the production.

Products - Lava Stone production

Cotto Manuale

Lenid - Cotto Manuale - Brushed EffectsLenid - Cotto Manuale - DecoratedLenid - Cotto Manuale - Linear DecorsLenid - Cotto Manuale - Modular DecorsLenid - Cotto Manuale - Navajo CollectionLenid - Cotto Manuale - Plain ColorLenid - Cotto Manuale - Terracotta

Pietra Lavica

Lenid - Pietra Lavica - Lava Stone - Glasses and MetalsLenid - Pietra Lavica - Lava Stone Brushed Effects Lenid - Pietra Lavica - Lava Stone Decorated Lenid - Pietra Lavica - Lava Stone Decorated Tables Lenid - Pietra Lavica - Lava Stone Modular Decors Lenid - Pietra Lavica - Lava Stone Plain Color

Lava Stone production