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Prefabrication production

Company - Prefabrication production

C.M.C.2.0 makes prefab buildings for different purposes and with dimensions varying from 3 to 80 sqm and upward.
The fields of applications are many: bath-houses, camping sites, schools, emergency housing, sports centre, toilets etc.

C.M.C.2.0 has two production lines:

su|misura is synonymous with utmost flexibility and contains the company’s classical production.
This line can satisfy all of our customers’ formal and functional requirements by putting at their disposal the company’s building know-how, their technical skill and extensive experience..
The su|misura items meet the strictest standards, have excellent functional performance, and can blend in every situation and landscape.

design|architettonico is the new line for prefab buildings made thanks to serial design and the care of every detail, which is typical of quality architecture.
This is a series of complete architectural items, realised thanks to di C.M.C.2.0’s industrial know-how and the formal and design sensitivity of PRR Architetti. A wide range of solutions, of materials and accessories, selected and made available to customers, guarantee rapid excellent formal and functional result.

design|architettonico contains a range of objects that can adapt to different purposes in the city and countryside.
It is a constantly evolving process thriving on technology and new materials research, on their possible applications in terms of cost control, lifespan and sustainability.

Products - Prefabrication production


C.M.C.2.0 - Industrial - Dressing units C.M.C.2.0 - Industrial - NurseryC.M.C.2.0 - Industrial - OfficeC.M.C.2.0 - Industrial - technical units C.M.C.2.0 - Industrial - Toilet industrial


C.M.C.2.0 - Residential - Social housing


C.M.C.2.0 - School - School


C.M.C.2.0 - Sport - Changing room S01C.M.C.2.0 - Sport - Club houseC.M.C.2.0 - Sport - DressingC.M.C.2.0 - Sport - FitnessC.M.C.2.0 - Sport - GymC.M.C.2.0 - Sport - Salus - WellnessC.M.C.2.0 - Sport - Supporting seatsC.M.C.2.0 - Sport - Toilet sport


C.M.C.2.0 - Tourist - Bathing hutC.M.C.2.0 - Tourist - Bungalow C.M.C.2.0 - Tourist - Camping toilets C.M.C.2.0 - Tourist - FitnessC.M.C.2.0 - Tourist - fully equipped spa C.M.C.2.0 - Tourist - Horse box C.M.C.2.0 - Tourist - Kiosks C.M.C.2.0 - Tourist - Mini houseC.M.C.2.0 - Tourist - ReceptionC.M.C.2.0 - Tourist - Toilet


C.M.C.2.0 - Urban - Bike repairsC.M.C.2.0 - Urban - Break areaC.M.C.2.0 - Urban - Dog&cat houseC.M.C.2.0 - Urban - Family PointC.M.C.2.0 - Urban - Info pointC.M.C.2.0 - Urban - KiosksC.M.C.2.0 - Urban - Public toiletsC.M.C.2.0 - Urban - Reception & booths C.M.C.2.0 - Urban - Water dispensers

Prefabrication production