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Pregiate Ceramiche Italiane production

Pregiate Ceramiche Italiane production Petracer’s

Web site:

Company - Pregiate Ceramiche Italiane production

In this scenario Angelo Marchesi played the card of all his character and capacity, feeling confident of his ideas and taste refusing to homologate the essence of his soul and mission, decided o stand tall, going ahead with his belief of beautiful shapes, multiform shapes, eclectics, colours, stylish and expressive environment enrichment, simply with his ART.

Soon became the “dream company” in interior design.

Today PETRACER’S is worldwide recognized at the top of the top level of market segments, stands up there all alone and nobody can compete with her. 

Because they have understood the tiny difference between fashion and style:
fashion is subject to the moods of market fads, style is forever, lasts through ages, remains inside.
Style of life totally inspired and fully immersed into the bright age of arts we inherited by our glorious history whose DNA was “Classic style”, but in the same time, according to each collection, can be combined with modernity, with temperament and passion, with creativity, with luxury and elegance, with genial geometry.

We don’t go far from the reality as well, declaring that PETRACER’S catalogue is a marvellous book and every collection you find inside is the chapter of the love romance to be read greedily.

Products - Pregiate Ceramiche Italiane production

Petracer’s -  - 800 ItalianoPetracer’s -  - Ad MaioraPetracer’s -  - Ad PersonamPetracer’s -  - Applique optagonPetracer’s -  - CapitonnèPetracer’s -  - Carisma ItalianoPetracer’s -  - CasanovaPetracer’s -  - DivinoPetracer’s -  - ElegancePetracer’s -  - FantasmaPetracer’s -  - Grand Elegance GoldPetracer’s -  - MichelangeloPetracer’s -  - Opera PrimaPetracer’s -  - Primavera RomanaPetracer’s -  - Pure white ceramicPetracer’s -  - RhumbusPetracer’s -  - TangoPetracer’s -  - Tango Rock

Pregiate Ceramiche Italiane production