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download bookcase 3d models. Bookcase - Skip by Poliform Day Systems .

download bookcase 3d models. Bookcase - Skip by Poliform Day Systems .

Design by Studio Kairos


Poliform’s Skip bookcase is open to numerous possibilities. It can be customized at your leisure, thanks to its interchangeable modular solutions. Skip features slim shelves for a polished uncompromising look.

Skip is a conceptual bookcase system, made up of various elements that can be mixed and matched for a personalized piece of furniture.

It uses equipped wall paneling together with shelves, units and sliding doors to create a unique bookcase that lends a sense of individuality to any living area.
The bookcase measures 4500 mm wide, 2166 mm high and 5630 mm deep. For more details, download the free 3D model from the list of free downloads.


The different modular elements that can be freely combined to create your own unique system of bookshelves include: freestanding or hanging units, chest of drawers, flap doors, hanging shelf writing desks and floor benches.

The vertical rails can be positioned freely to divide the separate compartments that make up the bookshelf. This allows for the integration of open and closed units to serve different functions based on individual needs.

A variety of finishes are also available to complete the look, including 32 different mat lacquered colors, natural oak and spessart oak.


The sliding doors, dividing rails and hanging shelves are only available in 32 mat lacquered colors. The back panels of the bookcase, the hanging cabinets and the drawers are available in wood and mat lacquered finish.

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