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Products categories and available files

download floor textures. Concrete by DSG.

download floor textures. Concrete by DSG.

This series is produced in full-body porcelain tile, multilayer and without the use of glaze, with an absolutely innovative technology.

A product that looks to the future and offer solutions that were unthinkable until recently, offering better design for large areas. The finish is inspired by the world of concrete, resins and is characterized by iridescent reflections. Unlike real concrete, Concrete series offers a color range of 8 colors.

Concrete is a series constantly changing, not only for the fact that it is constantly updated with new colors and trims, but also because that it is perfectly combined with other collections by Dsg. In fact, the color range of Concrete is the same as Made Up collection, allowing the use of different effects of surfaces, maintaining at the same time a unique chromaticity. Concrete is produced in 12 mm thickness and in slim 4.8 mm, to allow a simple pairing between different floors. This allows to match floors with aesthetic continuity of the product and a reduced load on structures.

There are also special pieces and mosaics, in different sizes and colors, and also steps to create monolithic stairs. The coatings DSG stoneware ceramics are versatile and ideal for covering walls and vertical facades too, defining a refined and modern style of furniture that can make a space unique


  • 120 x 120 x 0,48
  • 60 x 120 x 0,48
  • 40 x 120 x 0,48
  • 60 x 60 x 0,48
  • 30 x 60 x 0,48
  • 15 x 60 x 0,48
  • 10 x 60 x 4.8
  • 5 x 60 x 0,48
  • 15 x 15 x 0,48
  • Mosaico 30 x 30 x 0,48
  • Mosaico wall 30 x 30 x 0,48
  • Mosaico mix A 30 x 30 x 0,48
  • Concrete Stripes 15 x 120 x 0,48
  • Concrete Stripes 30 x 60 x 0,48

Projects made with download floor textures. Concrete by DSG.

Architetto d'interni Ezio Colombrino
Concrete by DSG
Mensole di DuPont™ Corian®

Mensola "Tzeno" Legno laccato bianco opaco - Produzione Lune Design 2013- Pensata per essere utilizzata singolarmente o in combinazione con altre mensole. Ecco che con pochi elementi si riesce ad arredare spazi in modo semplice ed elegante. I...

Architetto d'interni Corsi 3dsMax & Autocad & Photoshop - Formazione CAD&CG 3D
Concrete by DSG
Corsi di formazione su Modellazione 3D e Rend...

L'attività di formazione sui software progettuali e grafici Autodesk, Adobe e McNeal parte con un monitoraggio del livello di competenze di base e si sviluppa a moduli didattici con esercizi applicati e verifiche del livello d'apprendimento di fi...

Architetto d'interni DNASSOCIATI Interior Design Studio
Concrete by DSG
Appartamento 58 mq Stile Contemporaneo

Il progetto è un perfetto esempio di come ottimizzare ambienti domestici dalle dimensioni ridotte per rendere confortevole la vita di una famiglia in 58 mq. A tal proposito l’intervento di ristrutturazione è stato drastico; gli spazi sono stati proporziona...

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