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download mosaic textures. Sthin by Friul mosaic.

download mosaic textures. Sthin by Friul mosaic.

The new line Friul Mosaic "Sthin" is a collection of textures made ​​in collaboration with one of the most important in the field of stone Piasentina "millimetri4."
The collaboration between the two companies has led to the creation of mosaics that combine the production capabilities of Friul Mosaic to the research that led to millimetri4 Piasentina processed stone slabs with a thickness of just 4mm.
This results in a product that is new application possibilities thanks to the low weight of the material and thickness that is well suited for the recovery and restructuring that no longer require quotes breakups of existing surfaces. This product may also be used to cover walls or panels that would not support the 'excessive weight of the material of greater thickness just think of the naval environments or wallboard tubs or baths that may need to be moved.

At the technical level textures are supplied pre-mounted on mesh sheets 30x30 cm.
In addition to varying the shapes of the individual pieces are 8 different finishes of the material which in turn create different effects depending on the tastes of the client.
The 8 finishes are:
1 hammered end;
2 saw cut;
4 flamed;
5 hammered brushed end;
6 flamed brushed;
7 semi-gloss;
8 polished;

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