BIM: the project green construction raises

The introduction of Bim (Building Information modeling) into the new procurement code launched by the Italian Government) even if only gradually mandatory, represents a shift towards a sustainable design, in the direction indicated by the European Union and years practiced in Northern Europe. Designing with Bim means being able to integrate the information about architectural and structural aspects with data concerning energy and plant engineering. A technology that streamlines the shipyard’s activities and allows you to predict the behavior of the building over time. In a general sense, an approach which gives more value to the design phase and to the sustainability of the building.


Also on the tentative signs of recovery emerging in the field of constructions in Italy there is a “green” brand. Analysts are agreeing that to determine any positive sign after years of descent are the tax benefits confirmed by Legge di Stabilità, namely the 2016 tax deduction of 65% for energy efficiency and the deduction of 50% for building renovations.


The way of the redevelopment of heritage buildings for the revival of the construction industry is also indicated by the fourth report of the Oise, joint Observatory for innovation and sustainability in the construction industry, presented by the trade unions in the sector and from Legambiente. Il report underscores how tax deductions have stimulated by 1998 more than 9 million building renovation and energy efficiency since 2007 about 2.5 million. For this the Oise invites you to continue on the path of redevelopment and energy efficiency.


A global market growth confirms the 2016 Edition of the World is also green building Green Building Report. The report, produced with interviews with architects, engineers, construction managers of large 69 countries shows a clear tendency to the increase of green projects, than the same interviews conducted in 2015. The fastest growing green buildings in the coming years is expected in countries such as China, Brazil, India, revealing the tendency emerging economies to adopt an approach that, beyond the fashions and cultural trends, offers concrete economic benefits. Respondents, in fact, indicate as key drivers of this trend green increasing the value of the property, lower operating costs on new construction and renovations. A green project, according to the respondents, it saves an average of 14% on operating costs of the new building and the renovated buildings 13%.


In short, build green agrees and updated to project is the winning strategy to overcome the crisis.