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Designers, architects and furniture 3d model furnishings online on Syncronia. Architecture project ffi's student’s corner 2016 , made by fensterbau frontal  India

FFI's Student’s Corner 2016

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Work in progress

FENSTERBAU FRONTALE INDIA (FFI) was launched in 2011 as an event which was not just a trade show, but a real meeting place for exchange of knowledge, ideas and technologies by Nürnberg Messe in cooperation with the Indo-German Chambers of Commerce. An educative and informative event with a series of Technical Workshops, Seminars and Interactive Panel Discussions with India’s leading Building Consultants, Architects and Developers.

We write to you on behalf of FFI, in reference to the FFI's Student’s Corner 2016 - A platform for students to showcase their understanding of Façade design and its implementation. Through this competition, we wish to encourage students pursuing graduation or post-graduation to put forward their ideas through innovation.

Redesign your Studio:
Redesign the external walls of your college studio space with a fenestration system of your choice. The main aim of the competition is to see how a conventional arrangement of windows and walls can be replaced with an integrated facade system that satisfies the given criteria.


Energy Efficiency - The new facade system must reduce the energy consumption of the studio, i.e. lighting & air-cooling
Natural Ventilation - The system must allow for natural ventilation & air movement for comfort
Daylighting - Internal spaces must benefit from natural day light
Flexibility - Design it to work! College studios always take a lot of punishment from students and your design must be resilient
Sustainability - The materials and systems chosen should reflect suitable sustainability criteria such a sourcing, lifetime maintenance and resilience to local climate
Submission Requirement

All entries to be submitted online The entry form has to be attached with a scanned copy of your college/university identification card along with submissions Entries can also be submitted in groups of not more than 3 students


Last Date of Submission - 30th November 2015

FFI's Students Corner Activities

Time Problem 1- Redesign the façade of your favourite building

Human beings have the ability to respond to their environment. Every designer has once adored an art piece which can be a painting, building, clothing or a piece of jewellery. The thought of improvisation or inspiration is very common when we are learning.

The competition focuses on innovation in facades and in simple language, a new look to a building. Select your favourite building, anywhere in the world, be it a heritage building or a contemporary one. Re-design the façade of the building. Point out the changes that you will do and why?


Time Problem 2 - Materials and their influence on the façade

Materials play a massive role in the design of a façade and the character of a building. The competition focuses on how materials change the form and function of a building.

Students will have to create a façade and experiment its look and function with the play of materials. This will show how the change in material in the façade affects not only the form but also the character and function of the building.


• One sketch of each façade with different materials

• A write up about each material and its influence on the form and function of the building -600-800 words


• Salient features of the existing building façade you would want to change

• A combination of architectural and engineered drawing of the façade you have designed

• A written communication supporting the façade design in 600-800 words

Judging Criteria

• The design will be judged according to the workability, sustainability, drawing and written communication

Result Declaration

• The results of the competition will be declared every quarter

• 1st Quarter winners will be declared in December 2015

• Last date to receive entries 15th November

• 2ndQuarter winners will be declared in February 2015

• Last date to receive entries 15thFebruary


• The winners will be awarded a cash prize of Rs 5000 along with a certificate. The top 10 shortlisted entries their entry will be showcased at the exhibition at Mumbai

Project Photo gallery FFI's Student’s Corner 2016

Architecture project ffi's student’s corner 2016  made by fensterbau frontal  India