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Designers, architects and furniture 3d model furnishings online on Syncronia. Architecture project fairway pub:poetry of colours, made by Design Atelier

Fairway Pub:Poetry of Colours

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Work completed

Fairway Pub ‘s kaleidoscopic design is a confluence of energies ;. The space is full of decadent details, with Oaky timber beams covering the ceilings and touches of gold bronze trims, finished with Moonlight silver lights. A beautiful and sophisticated ambience is created with a running theme of grey stone, brown leathers and blue and white accents. The industrial and rustic patterned flooring adds a touch of the thrilling night with distressed grey industrial stone tiles create a noir flooring that resonates with the blue and reddish yellow ambient lights in the different parts of the restaurant.

The bespoke wall graphics and custom poster created by Design Route are hung on display on the walls creating stories around the mythologies of golf and illuminated by carefully concealed lights. Architectural lighting forms the backbone of the hospitality experience of the fairway pub; a wide range of accent-lighting and functional lighting solutions in the entrance lobby, the corridors, the restaurant, the bar, and aesthetic landscape lighting is explored.

Located in the middle of a golf course virtually on a fairway, the Fairway Pub is designed to act as the heart of the Air force Sports Complex, Golf Course New Delhi. The member golfers use it in the day around the backdrop of Golf activities and as a cool rendezvous, amidst lively lights and colours in the evenings and nights. The architects surveyed a crumbling existing old structure and put in place an elaborate structural retrofit to save and put it to renewed use. Also, as the old building was disconnected from the expansive natural environment all around, it was decided to reconnect the building to the surroundings by removing unnecessary walls and reducing the loads on the foundations. The primary approach in transitioning the cold raw, isolated structure into an artistic vibrant and colourful restaurant was to focus on reinfusion of a natural harmony with the new spaces created during construction. Walls were broken and fully glazed panels were positioned to connect the encompassing greenery with the surrounding landscape. Seating orientations were integrated into 360 degree viewing seats and special decor was created using, lights, colour, and textures, combined with Design Route’s custom identity graphics in the interiors and merged with a tranquil landscape with water bodies to add a chic expression to the panoramic exteriors.

The outside area is utilised with umbrella-style seating that increases the available seating at the pub and adds a decorative touch to the outside areas with additional nature- based seats for an outdoor ambience that showcases the lush landscape. The planter placed in the center, ensconced with three different levels of water imparts serenity in the dusky background. In the evenings, the under-pool lights illuminate the entrance forecourt with colours, reflecting light in a multi-coloured dance.

The Pub and the dine-in area are partially separated with angled wooden planks. Simple Contemporary booth-style furniture is used for families in the dining section, and groups of relaxed chairs and sofa loungers are used in the bar. Up lighters are used to create an effect of upward movement of light. Round false ceiling in three offsets with a light in centre flashes downward, and cove lights create a soft background whispering effects on the glossy white ceiling that celebrates the golf ball textures and an abstract imagery of the hole in one.

A pool table set in a lower ceiling with down lighters is setup in an array of red fabrics, to focus a game ambience. The colour mixes are more of earthy tones. Natural browns and greys are brought in to match the colour of upholstery and unique, custom designed printed vinyl wallpapers are used. The pub is designed to facilitate conversations and easy mingling among fellow golfers, creating a marvellous fusion of restaurant design nested in nature.

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Architecture project fairway pub:poetry of colours made by Design AtelierArchitecture project fairway pub:poetry of colours made by Design AtelierArchitecture project fairway pub:poetry of colours made by Design AtelierArchitecture project fairway pub:poetry of colours made by Design AtelierArchitecture project fairway pub:poetry of colours made by Design AtelierArchitecture project fairway pub:poetry of colours made by Design AtelierArchitecture project fairway pub:poetry of colours made by Design Atelier