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Designers, architects and furniture 3d model furnishings online on Syncronia. Architecture project fensterbau frontale india student's competition, made by fensterbau frontal  India

fensterbau frontale India Student's Competition

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Work in progress

Competition Brief: Buildings are the amongst the largest energy consumers of the world. In India, we have a great legacy of following sustainable building traditions, intrinsic to the architecture. However, by blindly adopting global standards of fenestration, we are losing a remarkable opportunity to carry on the tradition. As we know, the most sustainable building is always the one that has already been built. Rather than destroy and recreate infrastructure, it makes more sense to make use of the embodied energy in buildings. By respecting that fundamental precept, we come to the conclusion that is far more sustainable to retrofit existing public buildings for better efficiency rather than make new buildings.

Choose an iconic building in your city or the nearest metropolitan area. It must have been constructed before 1990 and must be at least 6 stories tall. Privately owned buildings are allowed, but public use buildings are preferred. The goal is to achieve at least 50% reduction in the energy consumed by the building by retrofitting the façade for better efficiency. Within this is the chance to give an existing cultural and city icon a new lease of life.

Please find the competition process below:

Standard Submission Period:
Entries can be submitted till 10th February 2015 (Link to download form to submit entry)

Submitted entries will go through the process of selection in the first round. Top 100 entries will be shortlisted during this process. Names of the shortlisted candidates to be announced on the event to be held on

Final Judging:
The top 100 entries will then be presented to the Jury members to select the top 10 designs. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Winners and 2 Runner Ups will be chosen during this process.

Result Declaration:
The results of the competition will be declared by the final Jury members in the event to be held on 27th February 2015 at Bangalore.

The winners will be awarded a trophy and a certificate. They will also be given a chance to attend our Bangalore event with a one day accommodation. The top 10 shortlisted entries their entry will be showcased at the exhibition at Bangalore.