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Designers, architects and furniture 3d model furnishings online on Syncronia. Architecture project, made by ARCHOHM


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Work completed – The Monolithic Bathroom
Often used as a personal retreat to enjoy a few moments of solitude, the lets you rejuvenate, pause and reflect. Uplifting the bathroom from a mere functional utility to a living space, this one piece monolith comprises of a water closet, washbasin, shower, dustbin and wardrobe. Its self supporting system redefines traditional bathroom organization as it frees the walls of service lines. All plumbing details have been centrally consolidated and well hidden by using the floor as its source. It prevents fragmentation of elements and makes the process of setting up a new bathroom much simpler.
All four faces have been well used with minimum surface area wastage. On one side, an inbuilt wardrobe, allows you to store a variety of items ranging from clothes to extra toiletries. On the opposite side lies an angular shower. The third side holds the washbasin. Placed above the washbasin is a mirror with lighting options while beneath it lies an easy to clean dustbin. Finally, the fourth side comprises of a covered water closet and is accompanied by its own storage where one can keep magazines and cell phones. Also, located at the top is an inbuilt up - lighter which floods the ceiling with ambient lighting.
Being self defined, has the ability to add style and character to any set up while its minimal but user centric design adds meaning to the most personal of your ‘everyday spaces’. Currently this unique bathroom system comes in three finishes- corian, wood and steel.

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Architecture project made by ARCHOHMArchitecture project made by ARCHOHMArchitecture project made by ARCHOHMArchitecture project made by ARCHOHMArchitecture project made by ARCHOHM