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Ceramic production

Ceramic production Gabbianelli

Web site:

Company - Ceramic production

In over 60 years Gabbianelli contributed to the history of design in ceramic.

Enzo Mari, Sergio Calatroni, Ezio Didone, Bruno Munari and, recently, Carolyn Quartermaine and Julia Binfield designed products that have become outland-out international success stories and brought tiles from being a mere wall covering known for its simplicity and practicality to a product used for interior decoration.

Even today the Company still stretches from industrial manufacturing to hand-crafted work in the laboratory, where the skills of artists and ceramic experts combined make unique pieces or series of new elegant decorations.

Materials available from September

Products - Ceramic production

Gabbianelli -  - CaffelatteGabbianelli -  - Collezione Cordoba - ArabesqueGabbianelli -  - Collezione Cordoba - DamascoGabbianelli -  - Collezione Cordoba - SciaradaGabbianelli -  - Collezione Cordoba - SmirneGabbianelli -  - EgeoGabbianelli -  - Frammenti di colore IGabbianelli -  - Frammenti di colore IIIGabbianelli -  - La Stanza dei FioriGabbianelli -  - Le SeteGabbianelli -  - Note di colore 10x40Gabbianelli -  - Note di colore 20x20Gabbianelli -  - Note di colore 20x60Gabbianelli -  - PicturaGabbianelli -  - QuadrottiGabbianelli -  - SuperGiùGabbianelli -  - Tagli di StesureGabbianelli -  - Vasi e Fiori

Ceramic production