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Doors production

Doors production Eclisse

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Company - Doors production

Eclisse designs and produces sliding pocketdoor systems and swing frames for doors whose jambs lie flush with the wall. Officially, the Eclisse story starts on January 10, 1989, the date on which Luigi De Faveri founded Eclisse. Today Eclisse is a renowned brand, benchmark for the industry, leader in the field with 10 subsidiaries worldwide, more than 30 representative offices and 1900 distributors in Italy. Eclisse markets its products all over Europe and in the main non-European countries using a commercial network born in 1995 with the opening of the first sister companies in Quimper, France. Same to this has done Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Brazil, Germany and Romania. In all the other countries Eclisse is present with distributors and/or agents.

 “Looking Further” is the company motto. It synthesises the company’s aim to constantly improve its products through research and development. New devices and solutions lead to systems that are more versatile, durable and reliable over the time.

Products - Doors production

Eclisse -  - EstensioneEclisse -  - Ewoluto Scorrevole UnicoEclisse -  - Ewoluto® Scorrevole EstensioneEclisse -  - Luce EstensioneEclisse -  - Luce UnicoEclisse -  - NovantaEclisse -  - Shodō BattenteEclisse -  - Shodō ScorrevoleEclisse -  - Shodō Scorrevole EstensioneEclisse -  - Syntesis LineEclisse -  - Syntesis Line BattenteEclisse -  - Syntesis Line Battente EstensioneEclisse -  - Syntesis Line EstensioneEclisse -  - Syntesis LuceEclisse -  - Syntesis Luce EstensioneEclisse -  - Telescopic SingleEclisse -  - Telescopica EstensioneEclisse -  - UnicoEclisse -  - Unilateral

Doors production