True Ofuro Regular

Aquatica True Ofuro Regular Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub

Inspired by ancient Japanese traditions of soaking in Ofuro tubs, the True Ofuro Japanese style bathtub is a ‘sit and soak’, solid surface bathtub, featuring a deep design for a full-body immersion. Crafted in EU, this immaculately sculpted tub is available with an optional inline water heater and digital control panel with temperature display, which will reduce water consumption and provide for a prolonged soaking experience at very comfortable temperatures.

One of the True Ofuro's key features is it's carefully designed elevated rim for improved bathers neck and head support, and the convenient ergonomic seating, which allows the body to be comfortably emerged to maximum water capacity.

The international industrial design team, commissioned by Aquatica to create this product, used advanced CAD tools, modeling and repeated testing with real size prototype units, in order to reach the optimal balance between ergonomic comfort and visual appeal for this one of a kind bathtub.

Thanks to the AquateX™ material, this Japanese soaking tub retains heat for much longer and has a silky and smooth surface. Besides being one of our most space conscious bathtubs, the freestanding and petite construction of this Japanese style bathtub means that it can be installed pretty much anywhere in your bathroom.

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