Bathtubs Accademia 3D Models

Carlo Colombo design


New collection designed by Carlo Colombo , the story of a new classicism reinterpreted in a modern thanks to a sophisticated design sensibility .

Teuco meets the finest Italian craftsmanship through combinations worthy of a heritage collection .

Through a poetic luxurious yet discreet charm , portraits tells a myriad of stories, different from each other but united by a passion for beauty and simplicity .

Changeable as water and ineffable as desires , self-portraits is a valuable proposal with a dual personality , careful interpreter of the uniqueness of the style of each one of us and the pleasure of customization as only a true self can do.

Inspired by the harmony between the shapes and proportions , the collection takes the audience on a journey that starts from the selection of the most sought after commodities - from Carrara marble at Stone Gray, dall'Onice inevitable Duralight ® - to get to the choice of the most exclusive finishes . This is how the interpretations of portraits , where masterpieces tailor-made design.