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Pluviae shower

Box doccia Pluviae shower 3D Models

Design by Matteo Thun


The Pluviae shower designed by Matteo Thun is smart and simple. The shower head is connected to the end of the shower curtain rail, which also doubles as the shower’s structure.

No need for a shower stall, Pluviae creates its own circular space. The Pluviae comes complete with a spiral pipe, a shower head and a built-in wall support. The ingenuity of the shower lies in its outstanding all-in-one form and function.

The wrap around tubing carries the water and, at the same time, acts as the structure for hanging a shower curtain.


The shower structure and shower head are crafted in brushed stainless steel. Two models of the Pluviae shower are available: IN, with a hidden water connection and OUT, with a visible water connection by way of a flexible pipe.

The shower head measures 7 inches (about 18 cm). The concealed or visible built-in water supply connection measures ½ inch (about 1.3 cm). For more details regarding measurements, see the 3D models and 3D textures that you can download for free on this page.


The Pluviae shower head delivers outstanding water pressure. You will feel great standing under this elegant shower. Its design makes it particularly suitable for a minimalist bathroom or one with just a small space for the shower.

The Pluviae shower is pictured here with Rapsel’s Internos shower curtain in fabulous rot-resistant fabric and the Pianlegno teak wood grid fitted over the Piattobase stainless steel shower base.




Download free 3D models for Revit in Architecture format and for AutoCAD in DWG format as well as 3D textures for 3ds Max and other software together with all the instruments you need for designing with this model of shower from the free downloads listed on the right.