Concrete Houses,
140 mq

Case Ursella Classic 140

CLASSIC 140: The division of the spaces on two floors aims to create an additional sense of privacy between the living and sleeping areas and especially between the spaces open to guests and those reserved for private life, making this model a treasure chest that welcomes the needs of the entire family.

DESIGN 140: The bold shades of the living area cladding rise thanks to the chimney and focus the importance on the warmer elements of the house, also supported by the elegant cover. At the same time the balanced gradations of the main façade harmoniously combine with the living room fixtures thus creating a refined chromatic alternation.

EVOLUTION 140: The peculiarity of this house can be seen immediately. In fact, at every glance this structure conveys trust, solidity and at the same time dynamism and innovation in all directions, arousing interest from every perspective in which it stands out.

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