Concrete Houses,
50 mq

Case Ursella Classic 50

CLASSIC 50: The lines of this model strongly recall those of traditional Friulian houses. On the one hand, the warm colours of the wood and the tiles are well accentuated, on the other, the architectural stone claddings are added to the vertical elements of the building.
To create a visual complementarity and update the line, the shutters take on elegant shades while there is a bright opening onto the living area on the ground floor.

DESIGN 50: Maintaining the dimensions and elements of the historic houses of Friuli such as the chimney and the shape of the roof, this model reinvents this tradition by creating a chromatic movement through the careful use of the shades of the paintings and coatings. At the same time, a front pergola is added to create the physiological opening for the living area while maintaining the usual visual privacy.

EVOLUTION 50: In this format the colours accentuate the difference between the ground and the first floor, supporting the dynamism of the elements. The pronounced overhang on the upper floor architecturally breaks the volumes and protects the large opening of the living room. The house is framed by two architectural elements that reinvent the shape of the traditional chimney and the pergola for the parking space, without taking away importance and attention to the housing nucleus.

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