Concrete Houses,
80 mq

Case Ursella Design 80

CLASSIC 80: The warmth of the wood, the entrance door, the tiles and the shutters makes this house the ideal and welcoming starting point for those who want to invest in a life project with solid foundations and a look to the future.

DESIGN 80: In this house we combine the light shades of the structural wood of the roof and the stone placed to frame the entrance with the darker shades of the roof and the pergolas to protect the main facade.
In this way, the house will be welcoming for those who live in it, preserving the familiarity of the home.

EVOLUTION 80: The wide opening on the living area and the important overhangs on the front and side facade make this house ideal for expressing dynamism, innovation and the desire to open up to new spaces, thanks also to the light shades of the facades that blend with the dark ones of the vertical structural elements.

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