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Ceramics for coverings Mix Styling Energy 3D Models

Sintesi is the last word in creative, functional ceramics. Combinations of colours and sizes and shapes come together with the quality of single press-firing to create a free, ultra-fascinating range of patterns which express the dynamic, inventive creativity of their designers. Sintesi units recall the grand tradition of mosaic floors, updating it. The design is studied to give prevalence to the base or to the decorative component, thus providing endless creative solutions for designers.

Appiani Mix ceramic mosaic mixes are produced in single-press firing a technique which fixes glaze to clay by dry pressing. The Anthologhia, Seta, Metallica and Open Space ranges are mixed according to calibrated percentages, creating an infinity of different mixes grouped by emotional affinity in the Styling, Wellness, Outdoor and Architecture collections. With unique, surprising results, they combine light and finish effects in a fascinating kaleidoscope of ideas, which can be mixed and matched and used for both floor and wall tiling.

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