Ceramics for coverings,
Vogue Glass - V3 - VL - Bamboo - Street

Ceramics for coverings Vogue Glass - V3 - VL - Bamboo - Street 3D Models


A range of glazed extra-pale float crystal slabs, which come in two different finishes: V3, satin-finish, and VL, glossy.Available in a wide variety of colours and coordinated with the other colours and sizes of the Vogue System, it can be usedin combination with other series not only as an elegant decorative detail but also as an innovative solution for tiling largesurfaces.


The lines which pattern the surfaces of Bamboo play on an alternation of shades in the same colour, enhancing theluminosity of this shiny float crystal finish. Available in six colours, it can be used to bring out the best in any type of internalsetting.


Glossy and shiny, Street is a surface marked by crossing lines which add an original touch to this decorated extra-pale floatcrystal finish. Suited for particularly sophisticated interior settings, it comes in a single rectangular size in six different colourshades.

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