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Vogue System - Interni Mix

Ceramics for coverings Vogue Link - IN Mix 3D Models

The Vogue Mix collection brings products originating from the Vogue System range together, resulting in a perfect match of sizes and finishes. Intended as decorative solutions for private and public applications, they are ideal for floor and wall coverings offering the benefits of the features of the surface used. The vast range of colours makes it possible to design solutions that will make any space truly unique.

The Interni Mix,Trasparenze Mix, Flooring Mix and Grip Mix series form part of the Vogue Mix programme. These new decorative solutions can be combined with the wide range of colours and formats that make up the Vogue System. The frost-resistant glazed porcelain stoneware mixes, in the 5x5 cm format, come in 52 non-slip, satin- and gloss-finish shades and are designed to offer a whole host of imaginative design alternatives to single plain colours.Suitable for both floors and walls, indoors and outdoors, the fibre glass mesh-backed 5x5 cm format creates a finished size of 30x30 cm.

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