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Selenite Maximum

Download 3D Texture Fiandre Selenite Maximum

The ornamental charm and changing beauty of Selenite, also known as moonstone, is celebrated in the Selenite Maximum collection. Thanks to crystalline refractions, ceramic surfaces acquire an enveloping and naturally luminous appearance, characterised by striking graphic textures and three unique colour variants: Selenite White Maximum, Selenite Greige Maximum and Selenite Black Maximum. These surfaces give rooms a touch of elegance and enrich architectural and interior design projects.

Available in the large slab size of 300x150 cm and in the sub-sizes of 150x150, 150x75, 75x75, 75x37.5 cm, with a thickness of only 6 mm, they offer maximum application versatility. In addition to their materiality, the Selenite Maximum collection offers an emotional architectural experience, introduced by the exclusive Jewel finish, which gives the surfaces an even more vibrant and romantic atmosphere. This finish, obtained by a fascinating alchemy between an iridescent mineral and a glassy material, creates a light effect that seeps through the texture of the slab, giving a silvery reflection that evokes lush stone effects.

Fiandre Architectural Surfaces offers architects and designers the chance to download the 3D textures of the Selenite Maximum collection in the three colours available in the 300X150 cm format on this product page. In the same section you can also download the catalogue dedicated to the collection free of charge. 

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