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Vogue Pool - Bump

Flooring ceramics Vogue Pool - Bump 3D Models

Vogue Pool is a collection of products and special pieces specifically designed for the creation and installationof swimming pools. The range is completed by the Vogue System collection of products for tiling pool tanks,available in satin, glossy and non slip finishes R10 B (A+B) and R11 C (A+B+C), the Vogue Link collection ofattractive decorations for both floors and walls and the Vogue Floor collection available in a vast range ofcolours in the 40x40 size, also ideal for technical flooring R10 and B(A+B).

The textured surface has linear markings, guaranteeing group C (A+B+C) category skid-resistance with barefeet. An ideal product for tiling pool surrounds, footbaths, turning pads, and steps under- or close to water.

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