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Vogue System - IG Grip

Flooring ceramics Vogue System - IG Grip 3D Models

Designed by Ceramica Vogue to satisfy all kinds of design needs, the Vogue System offers furnishing solutions for interiors and exteriors for both public and private use. The system includes four different finishes which respond to various technical needs, which all come in the same rich range of colours and a range of modular sizes.

Complementary colours and sizes can be used to create a multitude of combinations and patterns, multiplying the possibilities of use of the Vogue System.

Agréablement matiériste, la surface de Grip garantit l’adhérence et la sécurité maximales dans les environnements mouillés - R11 C (A+B+C) - en répondant aux normes en vigueur en termes d’anti-glissance. Il existe également, en assortiment, les pièces spéciales, solution idéale pour les espaces publics tels que les piscines et les centres de fitness.

Given the particularly rough texture of the surface, Grip should be used only in the areas we specifically suggest.

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