Ceramics flooring,
Atelier Gold

Flooring ceramics Atelier Gold 3D Models

The Atelier collection Gold is the new line of tile art decorated with gold, unique decor, precious, shining with its own light because covered with a layer of precious metal, made with the technique of the "fifth fire". Five applications of color, five levels of decoration, cooking five, five controls to create quality gold. It presents funds monochrome transparencies in light colors combined in patchwork pattern decorated in gold deliberately different. A fantastic alchemy transforms the elixir of pigments and metal dissolved in precious and glittering gold, which is spread in the end as the fourth and fifth layer on decorations, making them invaluable. Atelier Gold Collection, has in range 5 evanescent colors: white, light blue, ivory, darkivory and green tea. The decorations are designed in 6 different patterns, to be used individually or as patchwork. The rooms are contemporary retro flavor, unique. The collection range in a series of special pieces of finishing including: mosaic, skirting, pilasters, cornices and their connections to make complete any environment

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