Outdoor grit floors,
Esogranito superior

Stone flooring Esogranito superior 3D Models

It is the most valuable serie within Mariotti Fulget’s range selected.
ESOGRANITO SUPERIOR is a tile made of natural granite grits.
The surface is honed in order to give prominence to the structure and to the colours of the granite inerts. Then it is fine sand blasted, while the edges are bevelled. Finally the tile is submitted to the “Superior Ecology System”: a treatment that protects it from effects of humidity and from dirt. The result is a tile with smooth but slip resistance surface, protected by an ecological liquid which does not alter the warm and natural colours of the granite inerts and allows an easy and fast maintenance of the floor. 
ESOGRANITO SUPERIOR, as the rest of Mariotti Fulget’s production, also grants an extremely high transvere strength performance.


Standard finishing:

- superior (bevelled+finehammered+protective treat.)


Standard dimensions:

- 40x40x3.5cm


Weight: 83 KG / sqm