Sofas and armchairs

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Minimalist and innovative, the Ayana collection becomes a new chapter in the history that binds B&B Italia to Naoto Fukasawa and which sees wood as the protagonist, interpreted in an unusual way, with a pleasant oriental touch. If the depths and heights are a clear reference to the tradition of Southeast Asia, the backrest recalls a Swedish back, which from a tool for physical activity is transformed into a load-bearing element. Thanks to this solution, the elements of the Ayana collection can be enjoyed and appreciated at 360 degrees, discovering a new elegant game of intersections and proportions on each side. The sofas, proposed in two and three-seater versions. The lower armrest of the sofa can be combined with a cushion that is easy to attach and remove, which, if necessary, allows you to lie down easily. The padding is distinguished by the single cushions, covered with waterproof fabrics.