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External and internal cladding, facades, and masonry
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Natural clay wall tiles for interior and exterior cladding, reduced thickness.

Viel offers the Clay+ collection, a product for interior and exterior cladding made of stabilised natural clay. Clay+ is in fact an innovative natural cladding, created by stabilising the clay through a process patented by the company, which allows it to maintain the extraordinary characteristics of breathability, hygiene and recyclability of this material.
From bedrooms to living areas, from the exteriors of private homes to the cladding of façades of multi-storey buildings: the Clay+ product combines aesthetic performance and technical characteristics that make it suitable for use in the most varied architectural projects.

Clay cladding panels have a reduced thickness of only 3 mm, which allows them to be easily applied as wall and floor cladding, both in buildings with small dimensions and in multi-storey buildings with large floor areas.

Clay+ claddings are characterised by:
- Lightness
- Breathability
- Fire resistance
- Robustness

These technical characteristics make Clay+ a natural material suitable for use on the external facades of buildings, as an exterior cladding for insulating coats.

The wide range of patterns and colours in the Clay+ collection, the variety of large and small formats and the technical advantages of this cladding material for exterior and interior use allow it to be applied in countless architectural contexts.

Clay+ is characterised by its lightness, breathability, fire resistance and robustness, and is therefore also ideal as an exterior cladding for insulating coats. The collection features a wide variety of patterns and colours, available in small and large formats, allowing living rooms and bedrooms to be customised in an original way.

From travertine effect to wood effect, from fabric effect to slate effect: thanks to Viel's patented technology, clay is available in a variety of effects and colours to suit all tastes and needs, without losing the sustainability and technical qualities of this material: you can view all the textures, patterns and colours available for the Clay+ collection floor and wall tiles in the company catalogue (available for download at the bottom of this product page).

Viel also makes available the bim files of the Clay+ clay wall tiles for architectural design with Autodesk Revit in .rvt format and as bim libraries in .adsklib format. Textures of the different patterns with colours and formats of the clay+ clay claddings are also available in jpg and mat format, as well as product specifications with technical specifications and description of the cladding for exterior and interior use.

Please do not hesitate to contact Viel using the form at the bottom of this page for any information and technical support on the use of the natural clay floor and wall tiles in the Clay+ collection.