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Seletti for Ceramica Bardelli is a universe of materials, forms and environments where contemporaneity is defined as something else by definition. The central point is the courage of the 'distorted', of a parallel universe where we ourselves decide what is important, when and where. With Seletti for Ceramica Bardelli, design is pure art form.

There are five Seletti for Ceramica Bardelli proposals: 

Distortion: the house where, everything is transformed, "Distortion" is made with the ceramic material in the unusual chequered composition, representing the impossible explained and the rational madness. 

Diamond: represents the most empathetic, cosy and clean part of you. "Diamond' stands out for its brightness, chromatic shine and reflective surface.

Black & White: Texture as an artificial aesthetic of organic matter. Artificial means something that is in contrast to what is natural. We must enhance what is artificial, pure art in a place like the bathroom through the indestructible mosaic.

Elements 1 Clouds: Clouds as freedom. An element obtained in "third fire", the ultimate in art that can be applied to the ceramic product, to make it "return" to nature.

Elements Acqua: Textures reminiscent of the beauty of an endless sea of crystal-clear water, thanks to its full and intense colour.

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