Living area furnishing accessories,

Living area furnishing accessories The MIRROR OF ARCHIMEDES 3D Models

This beautiful piece is inspired by the invention of the burning glass of Archimedes.
It is said that the glass has been used  to create a defense system for the Phoenicians, who were besieged by the Roman ships in Syracuse during the Second Punic War.
The first having had the better on the Romans by directing the reflection of the sunlight on that mirror towards the roman ships and burning them down to the last piece of wood.
The parabolic and reflecting mirror could direct  and concentrate the parallel rays of the sun in a single point, called the "fire"; likewise this piece of furniture: it  strongly draws one’s attention and amazement both in private residences as well as in public areas.
Created with different types of metals (including gold), resin, carbon, it can be customized with specific colors and patterns, to make it even more special and unique. The large surface allows the development of a very good level of heat through infrared rays, thanks to the technology of “Thermal Technology”.