Living area furnishing accessories,

Living area furnishing accessories POMPEII'S BRAZIER-VX13 3D Models

Initially used by the ancient Romans as a source of heating in all homes , it became the grate element to be inserted predominantly in the baths, in the pleasantly and relaxing Tepidarium , with a constant temperature ideal for the feeling of relaxation and conversation. Increasingly recognized for its brightening and emotional effect , the brazier of Roman origin was present in different environments in the historic city of Pompeii that was destroyed by the lava in 79 AD ; in particular, were also included within the brothels , places of mystery , pleasure and sin. The most beautiful bronze brazier found at Pompeii is present at the Tepidarium of the spectacular Thermal Baths “Del Foro” built in 80 A.D., gift of M.Nigidio Vaccula . Vanixa dedicates to him and to the incredible beauty of Pompeii, unique in the world , the modern interpretation of the brazier , achieved in both the ground version or hanging ceiling, looking to recreate the magic atmosphere of ancestral sensations in luxury homes , spa, yacht, private jet, and whenever you prefer.

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