Eminent Wood Maximum

An allegory of evolutionary metamorphosis, Eminent Wood unleashes all the power of the material with its origins in Mother Earth. The firm appearance typical of tree trunks blends with the mineral vigour resulting from thousands of years of petrification.
Eminent Wood porcelain stoneware surfaces are inspired by an extraordinary natural phenomenon that creates fine boards with an inimitable aesthetic, cut through with vivid “brushstrokes” of colour.

Eminent Wood offers two colour alternatives rich in details enhanced by the brilliance of the gloss finish.

Eminent Brown by no means passes unnoticed, standing out through the intense contrast between the pure white background and the broad streaks of blazing colour, lending a distinctive impact and enveloping feel to the environment.

Eminent Grey recalls the ethereal aesthetic of an abstract painting, distinguished by grey variegation extending over a white background. As in a diaphanous sky fretted with cirrostratus, Eminent Grey summons up an impermanent contemplative atmosphere.

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