Prestigio Travertino

Download 3d Texture Refin Prestigio Travertino

Prestigio Travertino interprets vein-cut, where the stone block is cut following the veins. The extra-textured structure is proposed with a dominant colour furrowed by an alternation of undulating veins of different thickness and intensity, an alternation of shades and chiaroscuro. 
There are three available colours in the collection: pure White with soft nuances; Beige with a neutral dominant; Grey with a minimal effect that softens the cold veins with warmer shades. The surface has a smooth base with a Gloss or Soft finish.
The range is completed by two mosaics: Cube, characterised by two rhomboidal hexagonal modules that create an optical illusion of a three-dimensional cube; T Mix, characterised by a play of alternating shiny and soft triangles. 
Prestigio Travertino is suitable for both floor and wall installation, perfect for highlighting architectural volumes (niches, stairs, masonry portions) and for enhancing individual elements (bathroom furniture, kitchen islands).

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