Metal floors,
Planium - MG01 Magnetic floor

3d texture floors MG01 Magnetic

The MG01 Magnetic Floor is an effective and fast installation system. The attractiveness of the magnetic base allows static support on the tiles.

Exclusive metal finishes, natural or with design textures, exalt the metropolitan environments.


Research and innovation combined with industrial know-how originate Planium surfaces, creating unique Floors and Wall coverings. 

All floor or wall Systems have an INNOVATIVE, FUNCTIONAL and RENEWABLE DESIGN. They allow fast dry installations, respecting the environment, with simple laying or with patented mechanical or one-click hooks between tile and tile, or also traditional installations with glue. 

Each tile is made of QUALITY materials. Their design was created to be functional, eco-friendly and sophisticated. Their millimeter thickness makes them lighter and easier to handle, even if they have a large size.

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