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My Planet R&D Poliform

My Planet: this kitchen interprets the widespread desire for praticality and elegance. A sensation suggested by new components such as handles and countertops of various thicknesses, the use of light equipped panels and white and dark pine finishes. Technically evolved solutions and fundamental design components that guarantee original compositions for even the smallest of kitchens.

Available downloads

Glossy acrylic Varenna - 3DS Max libraries

Glossy acrylic Varenna- Other software libraries

Laminate matt- 3DS Max libraries

Laminate matt- Other software libraries

Laminate polished- 3DS Max libraries

Laminate polished- Other software librarie

laminate touch- Other software libraries

laminate touch-3DS Max libraries

quartzites- 3DS Max libraries

quartzites- Other software libraries

Varenna Marbles - 3DS Max libraries

Varenna Marbles - Other software libraries

Varenna steel - 3DS Max libraries

Varenna steel- Other software libraries

Varenna Stones - 3DS Max libraries

Varenna Stones - Other software libraries

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