Decori Classici

Paints Decori Classici 3D Models

High prestige decorative finish which realizes sophisticated Renaissance environments, where match classic and art design.
The rich color choice ranges from delicate pastels to more intense colors, all characterized by light tones that break decisively monochromatic and give life to spectacular play of colors.
The ease of application and wide ranges of decorative effects make Decori Classici an ideal product to recreate sumptuous atmospheres and for ennobling interiors of private homes, studios and commercial premises.

Tools: with brush and specific pvc putty knife
Coverage: 6-8 m²/l
Layers: 1


The colors shown in digital format are merely indicative because on-screen color perception is considerably different to the original color. The choice of the color must therefore be confirmed only after viewing the physical Color Chart at San Marco’s points of sale.

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