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Ventilated walls Ventilated wall Harmonium 3D Models

Harmonium is a wooden system of protection and cover for vertical civil and industrial building structures with high transpirability which lets the humidity produced inside the living place to spread outside without any obstacles or barriers keeping the walls dry and ensuring the ideal conditions for conservation.

Thermal shield ventilation system suitable to optimize the thermal insulation as a ventilated facade, preserving the building from aging and reducing the environmental impact, while increasing sound insulation. The system is made of sawn solid wood elements, which have been dried in Italy, and stainless steel profiles, properly fixed to the wall, where the wood elements will have to be run through the holes on the stainless steel profiles or fixed by a special joint on the front.

Product selected by ADI Design Index 2010

Width:  37 mm 
Thickness:  37 mm 


Section: rhomboidal section 42x42 mm

Lenght:  600 / 5000 mm

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