Pre-finished engineered pattern floor with oak, teak and red resin.

The new pre-finished square tiles collection named "Square Space"  which contains 10 new models is inspired by natural elements,  geometric patterns or evocative traditional decorations.

The Nordic taste is more than a style. It has established itself over time as a real philosophy of life that combines functionality and aesthetics, while remaining welcoming and refined.

In the Scandinavian style, linearity and simplicity are going steady with the precision of the geometric shapes and blocks of color. The Scandinavians love the contrasts and the integration between square and clean forms with the more gentle and rounded ones.

Inspired by the forests of the North, the pattern floor Stockholm is produced using a  light and luminous wooden specie, such as oak, treated naturally to better enhance the texture of the wood. It's a simple, clean and aesthetically beautiful design, inspired by the Nordic nature and climate.

When you acces, you can download all the textures, catalogues, and technical information for the wallpapers belonging to the Square Space collection.

At this link you will find a description of the collection and all products belonging it.

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