1934 MIX - Design parquet

Parquet 1934 MIX - Design parquet 3D Models

1934mix. to meet your style


The unique shades that were already present in the palette of the basic program, they express themselves and develop into a new comprehensive project full of colours.

Six products, using four colours each, and 10 cm wide planks to emphasize deliberately the most of the chromatic aspect. Six variants designed to meet many different moods in environments that increasingly mix and match various styles.

A new way of thinking about space, in a continuous dialogue among design, fashion, decor and sometimes even art that reinvents the sense of color.

Contamination, meaning the ability to draw from different universes, to adjust the flavor of distant worlds to the individual sensitivity and way of living.

xilo1934, once again, it reacts with a collection that uniquely identifies the brand. At the base of 1934mix there is, in fact, a unique work of composition.

The emotion of conducting your own personal symphony.


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