Acrisyl Decora

Paints Acrisyl Decora 3D Models

Acrysil Decora offers a finish with the typical looking of the granite and the natural stone, embellished with tiny crystals embedded in the texture that create spectacular effects according to the incidence of light. The various colors with natural tones, give coatings oriented to taste and simplicity.

Solutions of sophisticated style but at the same time are realized surfaces resistant to air pollutants and protected from the development of mold and algae.

Tools: plastic of stainless steel trowel

Coverage: 1-1,2 Kg/m² per coat

Layers: 2


The colors shown in digital format are merely indicative because on-screen color perception is considerably different to the original color. The choice of the color must therefore be confirmed only after viewing the physical Color Chart at San Marco’s points of sale.