Marmo D'Autore

Paints Marmo D'Autore 3D Models

Minimalism and refined taste, smooth effect finish, white colored characterized by the presence of fine powders of colored marbles.
Lime-based natural finish enriching settings of brightness and three-dimensionality. Compact surfaces and pleasing to the touch, Marmo D'Autore shapes the essential style and projects becomen exclusive creations. Marmo D'Autore has excellent breathability and is particularly suitable for restoration works, even for buildings of particular historical art interest.

Mineral wall coating with high permeability, which allows to obtain a finish looking smooth and compact.

Tools: plastic or stainless steel or sponge trowel
Particle size: 0,7 mm
Coverage: 1,2-1,5 kg/sqm for 2 coats
Layers: at least 2


The colors shown in digital format are merely indicative because on-screen color perception is considerably different to the original color. The choice of the color must therefore be confirmed only after viewing the physical Color Chart at San Marco’s points of sale.