Roller awnings,


Screeny BOX is the new 2018 product which completes the KE Screeny range, result of the high industrial technology developed by the company over the years and of the refinement of its all-Italian design.

It is a built-in roll awning, designed to be installed on thermal-insulating monoblocks and equipped with a built-in profile guide with ZIP that regulates the amount of solar energy input, together with the usage of technical fabrics.

Screeny BOX is equipped with a rapid fixing system covered by a patent: a solution with a built-in niche with reduced dimensions and minimum aesthetic impact, perfect for the installations in which the union between design, functionality and energy saving is important. The product is composed by elements that allow its easy installation and a fast approach if maintenance is needed.

When installed, the awning can be completely hidden, leaving the window free from every kind of obstacle. The product can be built with a wide range of fabrics, with different technical and colour features. The system is equipped with a standard motorised system, which can be connected to a wide range of automation systems.

Result of KE’s continuous commitment in research and innovation, Screeny Box is a versatile system that can be perfectly integrated with modern architectures and provides flawless performances and high standards, thanks to its adaption to the main monoblock systems for thermal insulation.

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