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He was born a classic that embodies the elegance stable and recognizable by its author. A cot with manual reclining backrest and a folding chair are the beginning of a collection now enriched by two types of chairs that combine fabric and metal, a dining table available in various sizes and a side table. The first develops starting from a bridge cast aluminum: a sign where count the proportions and thicknesses. In replacement of the wheels has two small rollers discrete, allowing the sliding, placed on one of the two stringers. The folding chair revises the vocabulary of classical typology as a director, with fine detail, where the importance of research has always been a fundamental aspect in the development of the product, with the addition of seating elements, tables and coffee tables, myrtle becomes a complete family of outdoor furniture. Two colors, white and gray, both for the network and for the metal parts. For single color or contrasting furnishings.

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