Downtown Infinity Spa With Maridur Composite Panels

The Downtown Infinity Hot Tub with a magical vanishing edge - An Exclusive Hydromassage Experience Surrounded By Luxury

Aquatica presents our all-new, genuinely designed Downtown Infinity hot tub, the most beautiful, minimalist hydro-massage spa in the market! Ideal for couples, it will find a place in suites or superior hotel rooms but also in private homes. The Downtown model is the perfect choice for anyone interested in buying a top-of-the-line, high-performance spa for romance, family enjoyment, partying, or socializing with friends.

We designed the Downtown Infinity hot tub intending to enable bathers to enjoy the perfect spa session surrounded by luxury.

Downtown hot tub - a spa for indoors and outdoors.

This innovative infinity system is designed to overflow continuously, while simultaneously heating the water to the perfect temperature. An integrated surge tank allows the overflow of the Downtown Infinity hot tub spas to operate in a closed circuit. The surge tank collects displaced water when additional bathers enter the hot tub. The water overflows into the decorative channel surrounding the rim of the infinity hot tub. If a person leaves the spa, the water from the balancing tank flows back inside.

Downtown Infinity Spa, with its 32 hydro-massage jets, offers a fantastic whirlpool massage experience along the entire back, from cervical to lumbar, with different features at each of its positions. In addition, its 18 air massage nozzles create the bubbles required for a revitalizing massage, activating the blood circulation from the soles of the feet to the lower back, with positive effects on both relaxation and muscle recovery.

As an extra optional feature, this spa can be fitted with our powerful Bluetooth surround sound system, which comprises two powerful pop-up speakers and a subwoofer that will enable you to listen to your favorite music with the best quality sound without the need for any wiring. Aquatica has designed the new Downtown hot tub so that anyone who may wish to acquire a spa can choose between an indoor or outdoor installation – be it freestanding or in-ground.

Chromotherapy treatments are possible thanks to the four LED spotlights, which creates a relaxing and delightful atmosphere. At night, the whole of the water surface turns into a sequence of soft colors so that you can enjoy the natural benefits of chromotherapy.

  • 32 sleek hydromassage jets
  • 18 air massage nozzles
  • 4 LED spot lights
  • Back massage with Air Assist Turbo Massage (AATM™)
  • Integrated cartridge skimmer filter with ultraquiet dedicated circulation pump
  • Dual Action Ozone and UV disinfection system
  • 3.6kW or 4kW Titanium or Incoloy heater with temperature control (depends on availability and market)
  • 2 integrated polyurethane headrests included
  • Dedicated energy saving circulation pump
  • Designed for comfortable four person bathing
  • Water capacity - 520 Litres (135 gallons)
  • 10 year limited warranty on the bathtub shell
  • 2 year limited warranty for Wellness System components
  • Bluetooth Audio with 2 POP-UP speakers and subwoofer and Wi-Fi (optional)
  • 2nd hydromassage pump for DHP™ (Dual Hydromassage Power) and Hydromassage Zone Control (HZC™) (optional)
  • Electrical fill and electrical fast drain system for yachts (optional)

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